It is quite easy to participate, you just have to send your photo via mail to, subject: “whyremember” and fill in this photo release form. The form also has to be send to the memorial.

If you are a bigger group or want to make the project in connection with a trip/visit to the memorial, you can call or write a mail so we can talk about the details and see if an employee also makes the photos with you.

These things have to be considered regarding the photo:

  1. The photo should be showing you and your reasons for remembering nazi crime. It is totally your decision what the sheet of paper displays – it can be some sentences, just one sentence, a few words, a symbol etc.
  2. It does not matter if you are using your camera or mobile phone, the best is to take the photo in horizontal format. This way it is easiest for the website to display the photo in a good way.
  3. To give all reasons and messages the same value the photos are being published without any comments – which means without the people’s names, familiar or professional background. Everybody who wants to share something personal of him/herself should therefore put it into his/her message.
  4. Your reasons/message can be written down in English or your mother tongue. If you choose your mother tongue, it would be nice to also hand me an English translation so I can, afterwards, put subtitles under the picture.

If you have differences with writing down the reasons, you can find some questions as a little help here. Inspiration for or against remembrance can be found here (in german).