The Project

„Warum erinnerst Du?“ („Why do you remember?“) is a volunteering project of Moringen memorial.

In daily life and media it is often about why one should remember nazi-crime. But who even is one? Shouldn’t it be me better? Going on from this thought, the idea aroused to get a project into life that gives the opportunity to think about exactly that: Why do I remember?

Every participant writes down his or her reasons on a sheet of paper and is photographed with this sheet. In this way, everybody shows – via the picture – his or her own personal meaning and reasons. You can see a lot of different people: different ages, different nationalities and different private and professional backgrounds. All of them, despite their differences, state their remembrance of nazi-crime.

In May 2017 the first photos were taken, and since then the project is growing and growing. All of the photos are put up on this website – it shows the different reasons for remembrance of nazi-crime, the variety of meanings.

The project is ongoing and will grow step by step. If you want to join it, you are very welcome (see ‘Participate’).